Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello Long Weekend!

Well, well, the long weekend is here!  I for one am glad for this weekend and I plan to make the most of it all!  As usual, Todd and I will be getting together with good friends Saturday night and maybe on Monday we will head to Port Dover for the day.  Even though Todd works tomorrow and Sunday - the weekend as with everything will be what we make of it!

I stitched my August ornament last night and will post pics on that blog later tonight!  This weekend I will return to backstitching on my geese and pick out September's ornie while I'm at it.

I hope everyone enjoys this weekend and Happy Stitching!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I could not open the comments about the dreaded B-stitches, so I do not know if anyone gave this advise. Mine is to do the backstitching as soon as you have completed crossstitching the figure. Secondly, ifnthere are more colours in crossstitch have more needles at the ready just for this and use plain sewing needles, the ones you would use for stitching a button on. Reason? Sharp pointed, slender needle, the eye holds one thread tightly in place so it does not slip out of the needle (bugger) and even if your crossstitching is well covering the fabric, you can find the crossroads between the crosses easily with the point of the sewingneedle. Doing the backstitches on the way is much less of a task then doing them all at the end of the project, because your reward will be you may crossstitch againafter doing them and it doe not seem to be such a huge mountain of crossstitches. And yes, I agree with you, they do make your stitchwork appear to be more of a childrens colouring book picture, but without them your work looks like you have forgotten to put in your gasses, dull and foggy. I love my HEAD, such detail, I am doing Twilight in the vo=illage on Jobolan with 10 crosses per cm, that is 25 to the inch. There is very much confetti and I doubt if I would even get the needle through for BS, but it looks great. It is very timeconsuming though, with all that confetti, so I dedicated a needle to each colour. I too enjoy canning, I learned it 50 years ago from my mother. but alas, I have no garden. Happy long weekend. DM Oh help, the anti robot word is unreadible.

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