Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Great Gathering

Well last night we gathered down at the centre for our stitching night and it was quite a great turn-out.  We were pretty much a packed room and it was good to see everyone who came out.  There were a couple of people who were able to make it out that hadn't been out in a while and even a traveller from a distant land  - the Sault - came out to enjoy!  All in all, a good night indeed!

I haven't stitched much (again) because I have been obsessively reading the second book in the Girl with the Dragon tattoo series.  What addiction a truly good book will do to a girl!  I do love to cross-stitch but man, is it difficult sometimes when you truly enjoy reading as well.  It sometimes is difficult to manage the two and to give equal time to both.  Oh well, it keeps things interesting.

With the weekend right around the corner I hope to have a good combination of good friends, family, husband, stitching and reading.  Gee, I hope I haven't left out too much!  On Father's Day, I am fortunate to be going to the Blue Jays game with my husband and parents - courtesy of tickets from work.  It is a nice way to spend Father's day with my dad and to just enjoy this time with Todd and my parents!

Here's to everyone enjoying their weekend and Father's day - however you are able to spend it!

Happy Stitching!

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