Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Answer these Questions

Well, here are my answers to Jayne's questions and to follow below will be my list of 11 people and my questions:
  1. How do you feel about blended threads as in Teresa Wentzler's projects? (not a huge fan of them but I make due)
  2. Do you launder your project before framing? (usually)
  3. How do you feel about the lack of colour fast in all the flosses now? (not too fond of it)
  4. When you begin a project with a black and white chart how do you choose which symbol to begin with? (I usually start at the middle and start there)
  5. Do you do your own framing? (No - I am blessed to have a good friend to help with that!  Thanks, as always Jayne!)
  6. Do you choose your own mats and moldings or let someone else tell you what you would like? (I have my preferences but take in second opinions)
  7. Pins or Lace (undecided)
  8. Do you have any wall space for a new project? (Thankfully - yes)
  9. Have you ever gifted a finished piece right off your wall because someone really liked it? (No - but I wouldn't rule it out!)
  10. Would you stitch it again for yourself?
    (Depends on what it was)
  11. Do you have a group of friends whom share the love of stitching with you on a regular basis? (My Stitching sisters and other close friends)

Well, here are my 11 people and their blogs:

1. Martina - The World According to me
2. Tammy - I just want to do one more Stitch
3. Jayne - An Eye for Threads
4. Pennie - Pennie's Prides
5. Kerry - A Stitching Sister
6. Tracey/Bonnie- More Than Just Cross-Stitching
7. Janet - An Inch to Stitch
8. Ma TeaKettle - The Teakettle Corner
9. Nancy - Nancy's Needle Notes
10. Peggy - Kentucky Sampler
11. Lisa - Hockey Mom's Stitchin' Hobby

Finally , here are my questions:

1.  Why do you love stitching?   (It is great to see the patterns come to life)

2.  Do you have a favourite genre/type of patterns that you like to do? ( I love Christmas patterns but like many types)

3.  Have you every had to re-stitch a pattern?  ( Yes, my Canada geese)

4.  How often do you try to stitch a week?  (two to three days, if possible)

5.  What DMC colours do you lean towards?  (blues, pinks and greens)

6. How did you come to stitch?  (My parents bought me a kit when I was 21 for Christmas and I have been hooked since.)

7.  Do you have favourite stores to buy stitching from?  (Gita's, The Thread and Eye, Nordic Needle)

8.  Do you have a favourite designer?  (not really)

9.  Do you have a stitching blog?  (Yes!)

10.  Have you read fictional books about stitching?  (Not yet, but I do have a series based on stitching and good friends)

11.  How many times a week would you say that you visit other stitcher's blogs?  (No set days but I try as often as possible)

I hope you guys enjoy doing my questions and Happy Stitching!

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