Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Long Weekend!

Well, the long weekend is here and I hope everyone has an amazing time!  Todd and I are actually off together so we have some things planned and some we will just take it as it comes!  That's the beauty part and we are going to enjoy it.

Last night I had a little error in judgement - I thought that a reinforced wooden shelf could hold 5 years worth of Cross-stitch magazines.  Needless to say - it's a good thing that Todd and I could have a giggle because the shelf came out of the wall and I will be learning the fine art of patching a wall!  Todd was glad that I wasn't hurt but I felt bad anyways.  Project number ???? for us!

I am going to post a picture later for the Hermit weekend and I am itching to stitch the geese today after I get home from work and to work on it during the weekend.

Happy Long Weekend to all and Happy Stitching too!

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Tammy Bergeron said...

you watching to many Rona commercials lol

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