Monday, September 13, 2010

Just When You Think You Can Dance........

Well, this past Saturday was spent seeing a beautiful girl get married. This girl was the definition of a "Tomboy" while growing up and it was such a revelation to see the beauty she has become today. My "niece", Sandy married her best friend, Channing and it was such a beautiful day and ceremony. The reception was also great and was held at the Northridge Golf Club and my husband, Todd was the rocking DJ. After the dinner was done and the toasting, we started the rocking reception. All was fine for a few hours until a song came on by a long forgotten artist and a few of us went to bust a move. It was going great until after a small jump - yours truly came down hard on her left ankle and was in insurmountable pain. Once all realized that this was not a joke, the caregiving began and an ambulance was dispatched to take me to ER.

You can always tell who your true friends are when they will let you rest your foot on their lap and keep quiet on if any odours emit from it. Your true friend will also, without hesitation, go and grab her camera to take a photo of you once on the stretcher and en route to the hospital. Linda my friend, I love ya and would have expected nothing different from you!

Once at the hospital and the x-rays were done, we found out it was a very nasty sprain and that with the help of crutches - I would heal to dance another day! But, BEWARE OF MC HAMMER - HE IS TROUBLE AND WILL CAUSE YOU TO HURT YOURSELF!!!! I myself can vouch for this. The funny and possibly ironic thing was that I took off my high-heeled shoes so that I wouldn't hurt myself - glad that didn't happen huh!

The positive side from this is that I will get some extra stitching in before returning to work for the middle of the week and those of us at the wedding now have such a funny story!

I hope everyone has a great week and Happy Stitching!


Tina said...

ouch...hope you are up and running again soon.....or dancing.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You shouldn't do that when you know you're so clumsy Jackass. lol now you can be always in stitches.

Kerry said...

Hope you are u and dancing to mc VERY SOON. OUCH!!!

Tammy said...

sorry lol

Joysze said...

You poor dear!! I hope you heal quickly.

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