Saturday, September 18, 2010

Addictions - What are those?

Well this week has been a slow one - mostly because I am moving slower than the elderly with this injured ankle. My husband has been getting entertained with the ever expanding bruising which my sister-in-law (the nurse) described as "gross"! It is going to be a slow heal and I just yearn for the days where I can take the stairs one foot at a time.......goals!

Today was spent relaxing in the morning and then going for a late lunch with Tammy and then visiting "The Enabler". Money was spent and we were both inspired to stitch on in the afternoon at our homes. Funny how buying more stitching can make you want to haul butt on the projects that you are already working on.

Tommorrow will be spent partly with friends of ours who we try to hang out with each weekend. The boys have to move some things for a friend and the girls will stitch and visit while that is going on. I am sure the evening will be spent with them watching a movie and just plain relaxing.

Here's to nice Sunday off and Happy Stitching!

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Tammy said...

I want another hot chocolate it was soooo yummy!!

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