Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you my Dear Friend, Martina!

Thank you so much Martina for nominating me for this cool award! Here are ten thing about me and 5 things I don't like:
Ten Things About Me:
1. I love, love, love the Wizard of Oz movie
2. I have been happily married for almost 2 years to a great man
3. I miss going to Las Vegas
4. I belong to a great Cross-stitch group of fabulous women
5. I adore my two nieces, Jessica and Kaitlyn and my two nephews, Johnathan and Zack
6. I love to read True Crime books
7. I love to watch a movie over and over again
8. I enjoy Shark shows on TV
9. I have a good job at the Brantford General Hospital
10. I love my family dearly.

Five things that I don't like:
1. I don't like two-faced people
2. I don't like to be late
3. People who are mean for no reason
4. Those who think they are better than me
5. People who abuse children or animals

I would like to pass this award on to:

Jane at
Tammy at
Kerry at
Pennie at http://pennie'
Bonnie at http://morethanjustcrossstitchin'
Lee at
Carol at
Cole at
Erynne at
Lana at

All of these ladies deserve this award!

Happy Stitching to everyone!

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