Sunday, May 16, 2010


It has been one of those weeks where it took nothing to bring me down. Sometimes the more you try not to get depressed the easier it happens. The good things are that my friends, family and DH stick with me and helped to pull me through! I can't always say I won't get down in the dumps but how truly terrible my life would be without the helpers that I have. You all know who you are and I say a huge THANK YOU!

This weekend has resulted in many dollars spent at Walters and a new purse which the price will remain a secret from my DH. After all, you really can't put a price on a product that will stand the test of time! DH is organizing a pot full of flowers and I am off to work on his Wolf piece and watch some of the MANY shows I have taped. I would be more adventurous but after attending a buck and doe last night for a coworker - I don't rebound as quick as I should. Damn getting old has it's drawbacks!

Happy Weekend to everyone and Happy Stitching as well!

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Tina said...

Oh Trina, we all have those moments, and I sure have my share of them, just keep plucking away, and things get better. Hugs.

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