Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stitching Bucket List

Well, since I still haven't tried or attempted to make a bucket list - I thought I might start off with a Stitching Bucket list.  I have always steered away from patterns that have different kinds of stitches and I have played it safe with just "regular" stitches and I know I could do this once I am shown how.  The women in my stitching group are so incredibly talented and they make we want to expand my stitching expertise and learn other wonderful ways to stitch and to put things together.  Once I get some different stitching under my belt - maybe it's time to put a regular bucket list together.  Food for though indeed.

Well, I think for now I will do some stitching tonight while catching up on some of my taped shows and gearing up the for beginning of another work week.

Here's to everyone taking a small step outside of their comfort zone and Happy Stitching!

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