Saturday, December 15, 2012

Post-Party Day

Well, yesterday was my work Christmas party for Ambulatory Care and it was a great time!  Lesley and her husband, Matt, opened up their home for us and it was such a nice, enjoyable and relaxing evening.  The food was catered by Cobblestone's in Paris, Ontario and it was fabulous!  With Matt working at Molson - drinks weren't a problem and yours truly had one Coors Light and 5 martini's!  Flying high was I!  Todd got a giggle out of his wife enjoying her alcohol and I am showing no pain today.  I am lucky with drinking that I usually don't get more than a headache after drinking and I can mix drinks without a problem either.  Luck is with me on this.

This weekend I plan to wrap our Christmas presents and get my baking/cooking list taken care of so that I can begin baking a few things.  My work has their closure over Christmas so it will be nice to relax over that time and enjoy hanging out with good friends and family.

Here's to everyone getting things finalized with Christmas approaching and  that nobody gets too crazy in the process.

Happy Stitching!

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