Friday, September 21, 2012

Organizing Away!

Well another week over and done with and I am organizing some things again.  I have posted some books for sale on Kijiji and Facebook and I will try to get some more organizing done over the weekend.  It's funny how much stuff we can collect and my one problem with selling books of mine is that I haven't read alot of them.  I have accumulated quite a number of books over the years and at last count I had 400 plus.  Well, a girl could have worse hobbies!  Starting to purge some is a start.

Only 9 more days until the Land of Vegas and I will have to start compiling my list of stuff to pack and bring along.  I know I will probably bring more than is needed but sometimes that is better than not having enough.  We will see how the list goes.

With my husband working all weekend I believe that I will see if I can get some Hermit posting done, some stitching done, maybe some reading and I may try to get some more ornaments put together as well!  Only a couple of tasks to do!

Here's to another great weekend and Happy Stitching!

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