Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reality Check

It's funny when you think that you have most things in your life going smooth - when you are actually in denial about what might not be right.  For over a year or so now, I have thought that I have been getting my finances in better order and that slowly but surely, things were on the upswing.  I was kidding myself and I have to stop kidding myself.  I have finally started to restart everything and am going to work hard at righting the wrongs that I have wanted to turn a blind eye to.  I know that the road is not going to be easy or pleasant in the least but I will dig myself out of this mess and I will be ok!  I have started by getting a book by Gail Vaxoxlade who is the host of the show "Till Debt do us Part" and already I am seeing ways to improve on things and I have started writing out where my money has been going.

I am ready to feel relaxed and less stressed out about this yucky matter in my life.  I am not going to live in denial-land anymore and even though the road ahead will be rocky - I am worth it and I will make things better.

If anyone knows of ways they have been able to save money in areas where they didn't think they could before - I will welcome any help/advice.

Here's to everyone having a good week and Happy Stitching!


Tina said...

Lol no more stash lol.
I'm with you Trina, it's hard work but it makes you feel good!

Maureen said...

I know how you're feeling. Was brave the other week and actually worked out exactly what we owe. Let's just say it's not pretty!

Can't help you with specifics of how you could save money but I would suggest setting up.a spreadsheet or suchlike to keep a note of all your bills etc. Or check comparison sites to see if you could reduce your utility bills or insurances.

Pam in IL said...

I try to use cash for everything like groceries, gas and any other incidentals. I use my paper money and get change. At the end of the day, that change all goes in a jar. When the jar gets full, I take it to the bank and deposit it. If I need it to pay bills, it goes in my checking account but I really try to put it in my savings account.

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