Friday, April 20, 2012

The Mojo is Back!

Well, after a couple of weeks of having my stitching mojo vanish-it is finally back!  It has been so easy to just vegitate on my couch, watch TV and just generally not stitch and I have had such a lack of energy.  I was out to stitching on Wednesday and boy - it seemed forever for me to be motivated to do any stitching at all.  Finally, yesterday afternoon and evening, I was motivated to stitch and it felt nice.  The geese are coming along and I will be posting before and after pictures this weekend for the Hermit weekend.  The slump has passed!

This Sunday is the MS walk and I have managed to raise $2,000!  The support is so great and I am so glad to be participating in such a wonderful event for a wonderful cause!  All in all, this weekend will be turning out to be great with a combination of relaxation, stitching, and exercise.  Life is good!

Happy weekend to all and Happy Stitching!

1 comment:

demeter83 said...

Wow, you've raised loads, that's incredible.
And so glad that your stitching mojo is back, I always miss mine when it's gone.

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