Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lots of Fun and Laughter!

Well, last night we gathered at Pennie's house for our off-night of stitching and there was quite a few out than have been on other off nights.  We missed all who couldn't make it and we really missed our friend, Jane, who is recovering nicely after her other knee was operated on.  Even though our stitching sisters weren't there in body - their spirit was there for sure!  We even had a surprise visitor - Kerry's mom- who came from her neck of the woods to hang with us for an evening! 

We all were working on an assortment of projects - big and small and there were lots of laughs and lots of good enjoyment!  Most of us will be busy with Easter celebrations this weekend and I hope everyone enjoys the time off, the nice weather and the time with family and friends!  Oh, and their time for stitching too!! 

Here's to good times all year round and Happy Easter and Happy Stitching everyone!

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