Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out of Steam

Last night some of us gathered down at the centre for stitching and there was various projects being worked on.  Some worked on ornaments, some beautiful poems, one showed off a beautiful piece that she laboured with love to do and even myself - tried to get a little more done on my favourite geese!  Unfortunately, about an hour after Leeanne and I got there - I just ran out of steam.  It took all my "energy" to keep stitching but there was no real energy to keep up in conversations.  I just tried to relax and listen in and stitch away. 

I have been surprised how I get so tired now at night after being much more busy at work all day.  It has been a tiring month and I hope it gets a little easier and better.  I don't sit much during the work day so even when I am home at night - if I don't keep busy with something - my husband will find me crashed out on our couch.  Maybe I may have to start taking the odd 5 hour energy drink - ha ha!

Oh well, at least it's almost the weekend and more relaxing times ahead.  Todd and I are heading up north this weekend to see friends of ours who have an annual February Blah party and it will be fun to see them again.

I hope everyone has a good end to their week and a great and relaxing weekend! 

Happy Stitching!

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