Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I noticed that it had been quite some time since my last blog and I thought I should at least let all know that I'm back and keeping busy.  I have 10 out of 12 ornaments stitched for the ornament challenge and I am trying to work on the Canada Geese when I remember.  It's so easy for me to forget about the big project that I have on the go when the little ornaments are so much fun to stitch and take less time.  I am sure that I can get back into the geese with some persistence.
Yesterday, I went with my good friend, Tammy to see the final Harry Potter movie and it was so awesome!!  I guess some of Tammy's friends thought that she would cry - being pregnant and all - but no tears were spilled during this movie!! 

Tonight is being spent finishing up much laundry and pulling the stitching out.  It is such a nice night that I may sit outside for a bit and then on to the other "stuff".

Here's hoping that everyone had an ok beginning of the week and Happy Stitching!

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