Friday, November 26, 2010


I guess when one is having to work their weekend it is unlikely to rejoice with the usual TGIF.   It may be a little like - WTF?????  I don't mind working my weekend, after all it is only one a month and it is days so I don't mind those aspects.  It does get a little difficult to go in on your weekend when you know your dear, sweet and loving husband has been given the weekend off.  Any of you who know me are aware that my husband's boss has an irritating habit of scheduling my husband off for his weekend EVERY time that it is my one lonely weekend to work.  He has actually joked with my husband about getting my weekend schedule and maybe in the new year - that may happen!  I guesss I will just have to give him his "Honey Do" list for the weekend and earn my money.  Ce la vie - I guess!!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend as the day of Christmas looms ever closer and the malls start to get more and more insane!  May you all enjoy your leisure time and make the most of the time off you all have!

Happy Weekend and Happy Stitching!

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Tammy said...

I'd be giving him a calendar printed out ant mark off all the days you work for his boss!

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