Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self Worth......

Why is it that we can let ourselves be dragged down by one person's actions? This happened to me at work today when I let my bosses actions/inactions affect me for the day. When your only verbal contact/interaction seems to be when you make an error - it's hard to ever see anything else occurring. After I had a terrible day at work, I tried to let it go once home and relax and enjoy my evening. I tried to focus on tomorrow night's dinner with the Stitching Sisters and next weeks ornament and card exchange, but today's events kept rearing its ugly head. It was after I talked to one of my best friends that she was able to help me put it all in the perspective that it deserved. Thank God for friends who are always able to help you see the bigger picture.

Well, now that that's behind me I think I will put in a Christmas DVD and curl up with a good book in bed.

Happy night and Happy Stitching to all!


Tammy said...

awww I'm here to if you need to talk...hugs

Tracey said...

Tommorrow's a new day... I really hope it is a better one for you :^)

I can TOTALLY relate about the work thing; so much that I quit my job this past month at a place I had worked for almost 10 years. This person that has given me so much grief... well I really believe in the saying "what goes around comes around".

Take care and have fun with the Sisters tomorrow night!

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