Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, this week I have really come face-to-face with myself. For a long time now I have not been myself and I have not been the only one to notice or to comment on this fact. Of course I am the last to admit this but I must admit it nonetheless. I now know that I need to talk to someone who is a professional and finally put some things to rest. Don't get me wrong, my friends and family are great but I think this is something that a non-biased person will need to handle. I know this journey will not be easy but I so want to be the person that I was and finally "feel" more normal.

On a side note, I am just going to relax at home with my husband and stitch my thoughts away! After all, I have some more projects from the Enabler and a Headless Horseman to do so I'd better get cracking!

Here's to everyone having a good weekend and Happy Stitching!


Tammy said...

Really?? I thought you were ok. You can call me whenever you need to talk I'm a good listener! I hope that you feel better!

Tina said...

Good for you Trina. Sometimes everybody in the world that is too close too you is just that too close. Sometimes it takes an outisder to make you see things differently and put a different spin on it, without judgements or advice per say. In the end they are here to help but you still do all the work, after all it's you.

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