Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Sweet Technology!

Well, what a day it has been! It's never a good sign when you walk into your department to start the day you hear the announcement that the system that is used throughout the hospital is down until further notice. This means - doing things old school - by hand!!!!! Now when most people would curse and be a little cranky - I succeeded in keeping a smile on my face and the gloom up in the old head! After all, it's not the patients fault that our technology is flipping us off so why should they be punished? Needless to say I am glad today is done and I can relax this evening visiting a stitching sister while my husband plays plummer for them.

Happy Stitching!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

LOL we told my dad he was fired as our plummer he was sad lol. Glad you came over to fix the taps I owe Todd big time since my handy man is handicap in that area lol

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