Saturday, October 23, 2010

1,2,3,4 right?????

Wow, what a day! On a day off one might sleep in a little, enjoy a late breakfast and more than likely just take in the day as one would feel free to. Not this gal!!! Today was spent getting up just before 7am and getting ready to head into work with my husband to help out with their annual Inventory! Wow - what fun! It always seems like such tedious work but I got a great partner and the day went by pretty fast. I was able to leave just before 3pm but as of 8pm, my poor husband was still a counting! Poor baby! (Guess who will willingly sleep downstairs tonight - yep me!) Yes, my husband does snore and after this day - he will be at his buzzsaw finest!

I have spent much of the time since being home working on my wolf for my husband and I really hope to get a picture posted soon!

Here's to all enjoying their weekend however they see fit and Happy Stitching!

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Tammy said...

your almost at a year get your groove on lol

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