Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well as usual, I have been struggling with positive thinking on my weight loss journey. Fortunately last week my great friend, Jayne, helped me to realize that I need to just "relax" and keep on my journey and eventually I will get more results! I know I have been putting too much pressure on myself and that stops now!! Thank you Jayne for helping me realize that I can do it and to remember that we are all in this together! Sorry if I have bummed anyone out but that stops here!

I have been reading up a storm this past week reading yet another vampire series - House of Night. They are an easy read and I am already on Book 4 of the series and when that is done it will be off to another series to be addicted to! I really can't imagine my life without the love of reading that I have. Since I could read - I was hooked and it has grown over the years! My two great hobby loves - stitching and reading are ones that I hope I never lose!

It's off to bed and since tomorrow is Stitching Wednesday - that means a great day! Swimming and stitching with my sisters! Yeah!!!

Have a good night and Happy Stitching!


Daffycat said...

Hello Trina! So nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...I love finding new-to-me blogs to read!

stitchesnscraps said...

Hi Trina! Good luck with your goals! Try not to stress and just enjoy the journey! I really am going to have to meet up with you girls one day! Take the plunge and drive to Brantford and stitch with you all!


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