Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lost in the Translation!

Well what a night at Henley's Landing! A good number of us gathered around to sit, stitch and share just a few laughs. It wasn't long into the evening when myself and another stitching sister found ourselves in hysterics! Let's just say it lost something in translation! After we could finally compose ourselves, we were able to get back to stitching!

Tara showed us her latest finished piece and the rest of the WIP's are progressing at a great pace! It is always a great time when any of us seem to get together and a few of us are hoping to get a road trip planned for a few weeks from now. It will hinge on a girl from my work to switch and if not, then September will be Date B. I am hoping that Date B won't have to be used but what can you do.

I can't seem to believe how quickly July is flying by and I am reminded of how one year ago this week I almost lost my brother forever. For those who aren't aware, my 36 year old brother had a heart attack last year at only 35! Fortunately for all of us and for himself he is alive and kicking but reality came too close to home. He is celebrating his life with a party in two weeks. I am so grateful to God that he allowed him to still be with us all and I am so aware of how important family and friends are and how not sweating the small stuff is the way to live! With that said, I hope everyone can enjoy what they have and who they have to share it with!

As we near closer to the weekend I will everyone well and Happy Stitching!


Tina said...

Well, that was just too funny! OMG, I couldn't stop if you can do that again or was it just one of those things that happen at the right moment? lmao

Carol said...

Hi Trina! Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for leaving such nice comments on my blog. I'm always happy to meet new stitchers :) Hope you come back often and I look forward to seeing your creations, too!

Have a wonderful weekend...

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