Thursday, April 15, 2010

Watch out for the first step..........

Just when you think you have this "walking" thing down pat you are amazed to find that you don't! Whatever do you mean? Well it seems that while I thought I could navigate down our stairs - my left foot rebelled and I fell forward missing the last few steps! My DH came running out from the kitchen to me screaming in pain and unable to sit up without feeling queasy. Once the feeling subsided I managed to sit up and was NOT greeted by the sight of a bone through my ankle - only a bad sprain. We spent only 3.5 hours in the Emergency room where I was told to be on modified duty at work and not weight-bear for more than 5 minutes at a time. (No cost for the feeling of being a bonehead though.) Some things you can't put a price on.

So other than that mishap I was able to make it out to Stitching Wednesday and enjoy many good laughs with great friends. Of course upon leaving one of our sisters tried an unsuccessful landing in her chair but we were all relieved that nothing was wounded, except maybe a little pride.

I will be working more on my wolf tonight and tomorrow on my day off before working the weekend. I can't complain since I only work 1 weekend out of 4 and it is a day shift. Some hills aren't worth dying on!

So I hope everyone enjoys this great weather and an advanced Happy Weekend and Happy Stitching to all!


ME said...

Hey you are lucky it was just one step...see how bad you were injured, can you imagine if it was more than one would be totally out of commission...hope it's healing ok and you are jumping around again soon...maybe join Zumba before stitching lol he he he only kidding...

Tammy said...

OMG that brings back memories least you didn't fall down 3 steps on your wedding night like I did LOL my ankle still hurts most days from falling! Glad your ok. Who was the sister who had the misfortune with the chair? man I really gotta skip school!

ME said...

Well you guys are wussies lol...what about falling down a whole flight of stairs? lol and breaking one ankle on both sides lol.....try to do that and look after three kids, including an infant lol

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