Thursday, September 25, 2014

Changing Things Up!!

I have decided that I need to do more with my blog so that more people may visit and also to just change things up.  I will be posting pictures over the weekend of what I have done so far on my Heaven and Earth - Wizard of Oz, as well as some other small things I am doing and other projects that will be started this year.   The mojo is still going strong and I want to get more things done.  I also know that I will need to devote a weekend here and there to get the finished ornaments finished so that there won't be a rush closer to Christmas!

I have been selling off quite a few things from both mine and my father's stashes and it feels nice to let other people enjoy these kits and patterns that I finally admit - I will never get to - even if I live to 200 years old!

Stay tuned next month for a "Just Because" giveaway!

Here's to everyone enjoying their projects and I'm off to keep working on mine!

Happy Stitching!

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