Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Staying Put

Well, I just didn't feel up to going out tonight to stitching at the Centre.  It has been a "blah" day and I haven't felt too happy today.  I know these funks happen but sometimes you just need to stay put and ride the blahs out.  I blogged on a few blogs that I follow and the new posting of pieces have inspired me to stitch some more and I hope to get to it tonight or tomorrow. 

I can't believe that another month is almost over and the time is still flying by too quickly for my liking.  Oh well, these things happen and soon spring will arrive!

I hope everyone stays safe with this latest winter weather and that your March gets off to a great and hapy start!

Happy Stitching!


Tracey said...

Hate it when those blahs come to visit... I hope you are having a better day today Trina! Just think only 3 months until we all get together at Brentwood. It's sure nice to have that to look forward to :-)

Carol said...

Hi Trina--Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog... Sure hope you're feeling better today. I think this time of year we are all more than ready for spring to arrive!!

Happy Stitching,

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