Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey Hey Hey!

Well, even though it's Monday I am in a great mood!  I have managed to keep my thinking positive and I am remembering that my life is what I make it!  I am so glad and appreciative of all the help and support I've received and I am living life in the moment.  I really do have so much good going in my life and my hobbies help keep me calm.  I know that things won't always go the way that I want it but life will still go.

There are 19 more sleeps until my Vegas vacation and I am so excited to play "Tour Guide" for my 2 co-horts!  I haven't been back to Vegas in 4 years and I just can't wait to see all that's changed and what it still there.  Time will fly to that time and I know there will be such great memories made. 

I hope to post an updated picture of the backstitching on the geese this week and I am slowly working on September's ornament as well.

Here's to the second week of September and Happy Stitching!

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Tracey said...

So thrilled to read this post Trina, and see that you are feeling so much more positive! Las Vegas... now THAT is something to look forward to :-)

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