Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring where are you???

Boy with a picture like this one can't help but wish for spring and to wonder when it will show it's gorgeous face.  It isn't always easy to enjoy a weekend off when it is a rain day but thankfully most of us have ways to beat the blah weather.  Myself for example is taking my niece, Jessica to the mall so we can have manicures and do a brief bit of shopping.  After my husband is done work we are off to our great friends and neighbours around the block from us to enjoy a great Saturday night of movies and good times.

Tomorrow will probably be spent going to brunch with my family and my husband's family and then we are having some dear friends over for dinner and fun later on in the day.  I know that I have mentioned it before but family and friends really do make life worth while and it warms your heart when you know they are in your life. 

I dare say that some stitching may even get done on the weekend as well!  Who knows - maybe the wolf will be done and have only the backstitching to finish!!

Here's to everyone finding ways to enjoy their weekend and Happy Stitching!

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