Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Spirit is in the Air!!

Well this has been a great weekend!  Yesterday was spent on a road trip of shopping with a great friend!  First, Tammy and I hit a Giant Tiger store where I purchased a few - ha ha - Christmas presents.  Second we went to a new Stitching store down the road in Kitchener and blew a bit of money on more cool stuff to stitch and got a few pre-finished goodies!  We were then of to St. Jacob's market where a few more gifts were purchased.  Boy could one spend much money there!  Great things and great looking food!

The evening was spent putting some ornaments together and watching a movie while our husbands watched the hockey game and then a movie.  A great night to finish off the day.

Today was spent out with my parents, nieces, in-laws, at Telly's Restaurant for brunch and I then hung out with Jessica, Kaitlyn and the parents for the afternoon.  A few more things were purchased and it is always great times hanging out with my nieces.  On a side note, I was given a great idea to stitch my nieces ornaments for all the years they have been alive.  I will be scouring books and magazines for patterns and I think this will be a great tradition to have for my nieces.  They then will receive an ornament every Christmas from me to have and enjoy!  Where did this idea come from you ask - my mother!!!!  Thank goodness I love the idea because some of you know that the last time my mother volunteered me for something - Kaitlyn received a beautiful unicorn design.  Oh well.....more things to stitch!  Yeah!!

Tonight will be spent relaxing and stitching and mentally getting ready for the work week.  I hope everyone has a great night and Happy Stitching to all!!

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