Sunday, April 4, 2010

Road Trip with a side of Puslinch!

Well yesterday a couple of us went on a much needed road trip and a great day ensued! Once Tara and I picked up Tammy we were off to our first stop - The Needle Gnome in Acton. We passed through many little small towns/villages and the one that sort of sticks in my sight was a town of Puslinch. After a few laughs and our road trip continued on to Gitta's.

I would love to say I showed full restraint but those of you who know me can testify that it would not be me if I didn't buy a few things. I can say that I did put several things back but not enough to fully say I was conservative. Oh well, I love stitching and will die with a rather large stash and we darn proud of it!

We finished the day/evening with a night with our good friends who we see every weekend and watched Public Enemies and Sherlock Holmes. Both in my opinion were great!

I am now off to prepare the final food dishes and house tidying for our familial Easter company. (Gee I forgot to mention that my DH did much cleaning and organizing yesterday while I was away playing! Gotta love that!)

Happy Easter to all and Happy Stitching!


ME said...

You have to show it off...come on...don't let us hanging here until wednesday!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Puslinch??? I guess someone's GPS likes the scenic route. WOW. Glad you had fun.

Tammy said...

It was a town on hwy 6 south before the 401 lol.

Trina you know how to post pictures now come on show of your stash!!

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