Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is what I chant in my head as I am buying 2 more patterns on that dreaded site - EBAY! Oh well, as a dear friend has been known to quote "It's my secret to longevity!" Amen to that!

On Sunday I did manage to get some more stitching done on the wolf and a dear friend also came over and got some of her stitching done as well on her HAED. It was such a nice afternoon and a great way to spend indoors and not out in the cold. With a little prodding, I will probably be starting a new pattern - Wizard of Oz - within the month! Little nudging was necessary and I am doing this pattern on - linen! Yes, Martina, I am crossing over - try to keep happy thoughts for me!

Tomorrow is one of my favourite days - Stitching Wednedays!!!!! I know many others in our group love this day too and we will be gathering at our new place to enjoy many, many great nights! It should be a great night and it can't get here fast enough some days!

On that note, I am going to try and stitch a little bit before retiring for the evening!

Have a lovely night and Happy Stitching!!


ME said...

Well all I really have to say to you Trina...well you just have fun with that. lol

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I bet we all look forward to Every Wedstitchday night even more than all the weigh in's. lol
Be always in stitches.

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